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Data Analytics-Visualization Certificate Program

Course Curriculum

Semester 01   (Tuition: $1,730)
Course # Course Title Credits
10-006-124 Pesticide Applicator Training 1
Credits: 1 Lecture Hours: 18
The learner will develop a strong understanding and basis of pest application training techniques, methods and standards used in the industry today. This class prepares students to take the Commercial Pesticide Applicator Certificating and Licensing exam category 1.1 Field and Vegetable Crops for the state of Wisconsin.
10-006-125 Crop Protection Products 2
Credits: 2 Lecture Hours: 18 Lab Hours: 36
Course provides information related to current products and practices used in protection of crops. Protection of crops both during the growing season and while in storage following harvest will be covered.
10-006-126 Pest ID & Mgt/Crop Scouting 3
Credits: 3 Lecture Hours: 36 Lab Hours: 36
The student will learn and develop skills, practices, and principles of identifying and managing pests that are a problem for a variety of common regionally grown agricultural crops. The student will learn control measures and application; proper use and safety measures; how to identify insects, weeds, and diseases in crops; various stages of growth related to timeliness of treatment; and methods of applying control measures. The student will learn principles to follow regarding the different ways of crop scouting.
10-070-101 Field Application Equipment 2
Credits: 2 Lecture Hours: 18 Lab Hours: 36
Students learn to operate, recondition and maintain field application equipment such as manure spreaders, fertilizer spreaders and field sprayers used on modern farms and cooperatives. Students learn calibration procedures for liquid and dry fertilizer applicators. They will learn common terminology used when working with control monitors and associated equipment.
10-070-104 Ag Safety, Electrical & Maintenance 2
Credits: 2 Lecture Hours: 18 Lab Hours: 36
Students will learn skills necessary to help them make general repairs and identify proactive maintenance steps of all types of equipment throughout a farmstead. Safety while performing daily tasks will be included in every unit. Emphasis areas include selecting personal protective equipment, working around cattle, crop storage, farm chemicals and fluids storage, safety awareness of electrical systems both on equipment and around the farmstead, selecting proper tools to perform maintenance procedures, and ATV safety. Students will gain an understanding of viewing the farmstead with a safety focus to recognize farm hazards and being aware of corrective measures that are needed to make the farmstead safe for all personnel on the farm.
Total Credits: 10
Estimated Total Tuition*: $1,730