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Earn your Wisconsin Commercial Pesticide Applicator License and you will be guaranteed 7 credits toward a degree in the Golf Course Management Program.


Turf Grass Horticulture

10-325-127 • 3 Credits

Students will learn biological principles of growing horticultural crops with an emphasis toward turfgrass including anatomy, reproduction, light, temperature, water, nutrition, and growth and development. Laboratory exercises emphasize environmental factors and permit detailed observation of plant growth.


Pest Management

10-006-122 • 1 Credits

Students will learn the principles and methods used in the control of pests found on golf courses and athletic fields. Preparation for the Wisconsin Commercial Pesticide Applicator licensing will include restricted use regulations, applicator safety, environmental safety, equipment calibration, and production label interpretations. Course topics will include pesticide mode of action, interpretation of aerial photos, and integrated pest management practices (IPMs). During the course, students will complete that exam for licensing as a Wisconsin Commercial Pesticide Applicator for Golf Courses.

Integrated Turf Management

10-325-109 • 3 Credits

Students study the establishment, modification, and maintenance of northern turf grasses. They learn about irrigation systems, drainage needs, and soil tests. They study weather-related issues, diseases, insects, pesticide application, and appropriate chemicals. Students study integrated pest management strategies (IPM). Prerequisite: Turf Grass Horticulture (10-325-127)

HSED Coursework

Courses include Reasoning through Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Social Studies, Science, Health, Civics, and Employability Skills.