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Find out if a career in Healthcare is right for you! Earn your HSED and credits toward a degree in our Medical Assistant, Medical Coding Specialist, Cancer Information Specialist and/or Health Information Technology.


Medical Terminology

10-501-101 • 3 Credits

This course focuses on the component parts of medical terms: prefixes, suffixes and word roots. Students practice formation, analysis and reconstruction of terms. Emphasis on spelling, definition and pronunciation. Introduction to operative, diagnostic, therapeutic and symptomatic terminology of all body systems, as well as systemic and surgical terminology.


Digital Literacy for Healthcare

10-501-107 • 2 Credits

Provides an introduction to basic computer functions and applications utilized in contemporary healthcare settings. Students are introduced to the hardware and software components of modern computer systems and the application of computers in the workplace. Emphasizes the use of common software packages, operating systems, file management, word processing, spreadsheet, database, Internet, and electronic mail.


Pharmacology for Allied Health**

31-501-308 • 2 Credits

Introduces students to classifying medications into correct drug categories and applying basic pharmacology principles. Students apply basic pharmacodynamics to identifying common medications, medication preparation, and administration of medications used by the major body systems. This is 12 week course.


Medical Law, Ethics & Professionalism**

31-509-309 • 2 Credits

Prepares students to display professionalism and perform within ethical and legal boundaries in the health care setting. Students maintain confidentiality, examine legal aspects of the medical record, perform risk management procedures, and examine legal and bioethical issues. This is a 12 week course.

HSED Coursework

Courses include Reasoning through Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Social Studies, Science, Health, Civics, and Employability Skills.