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Earn your Nail Technology Certificate and you will be guaranteed 11 credits toward a degree in the Cosmetology program!


Nail Technology

31-502-305 • 3 Credits • Mondays, 8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Students safely prepare working area for nail services. They will adopt safety and sanitation procedures, identify nail disorders and diseases, and study the anatomy and physiology as related to the hands and feet. Students practice communication skills to identify each client’s desires and needs. Students develop skills in manicuring, pedicuring and nail enhancements. Prerequisite: Student must be accepted into the Cosmetology or Nail Technician program.

Salon and Spa Science

31-502-302 • 2 Credits • Online

Students learn the importance of a professional image, hygiene, grooming, and professional development and ethics necessary for a salon or spa employee. Students perform sanitation and disinfection according to the State of Wisconsin laws to keep the salon clean and safe. Students study anatomy, physiology related to the skin, and basics of chemistry and electricity in the salon clinic. First aid and safety are covered in this course to comply with standards of the industry. Pre-requisite: Student must be accepted into the Cosmetology or Nail Technician program.


Salon/Spa Management

10-152-116 • 2 Credits • Online

Students learn management, advertising and marketing skills involved in operating a salon/spa as a business. Students learn product knowledge, use and sales through the salon retail line. Students learn how to establish positive customer communications and relationships. Students practice math skills while learning receptionist responsibilities. Students learn the State of Wisconsin Rules and Regulations guidelines. Pre-requisites: Salon/Spa Science (31-502-302) Nail Technology (31-502-305) both with a “C” or better.

Nail Services

31-502-322 • 3 Credits • Lab Hours: 118

Students practice nail services on customers in a salon environment. They apply knowledge and skills learned in their related theory lab classes to hands-on work experience. Students perform all manicure and pedicure services as well as all nail extension services in a salon atmosphere. Prerequisites: Salon/Spa Science (31-502-302) Nail Technology (31-502-305) both with a “C” or better. Also enrolled in Salon/ Spa Management.

Professional Development

10-890-101 • 1 Credit

Discover employment strategies designed to assist in securing employment. The course will help develop an awareness of personal and academic skills as they relate to the job seeking process. Topics include personal and skill assessments, research of employment sources, completion of application forms, formation of professional resumes and portfolios, composition of various business letters, interviewing skills, work-based learning activities and job offer evaluation.

HSED Coursework

Courses include Reasoning through Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Social Studies, Science, Health, Civics, and Employability Skills.