Many times, your experience cannot be documented through a test, certificate or transcripts. A Portfolio is designed to document what you have learned and how it relates to a Southwest Tech course. Many times, this will include experience you have gained through work, volunteering or a hobby you may have. Your portfolio will include your resume, you understanding of each course competency and what experience you have with the competency. It also includes a section for documentation of your experience.

If you are interested in writing a portfolio, please contact the Credit for Prior Learning Coordinator ( CPL@swtc.edu or call 608.822.2743) to arrange for a portfolio template. If your program allows.


The cost for portfolio evaluation is $100 for up to three credits. If you are submitting portfolios for 1 credit courses, you may submit portfolios for three courses for one fee. If you are submitting a portfolio for a 3-credit course, only one portfolio may be submitted for $100.