Charger Tech 360

The purpose of Charger Tech 360 is to support students with the technology they need to complete their degree at Southwest Tech.

Charger Tech 360 is more than just a laptop. It's 360 degrees of support, software, and service when you need it, providing a successful learning experience. Charger Tech 360 is designed to offer complete technical support so you don't have to worry about the "techy" stuff, and just concentrate on learning.

Start Now

We will begin laptop deployment for the Spring 2024 term in person on January 11 and shipment on January 2.

Returning Equipment

Ineligible students need to return their devices by December 22.

Keep Your Laptop After Graduating

Eligible students need to complete the laptop ownership transfer.

Get Assistance

We're here to help with all of your Charger Tech 360 needs.

If you have feedback or questions not answered on the Charger Tech 360 FAQ page, we encourage you to share them using the email form.