Are you coming to Southwest Tech with credit from another college, from high school, or from previous work and life experience? We have the transfer options you need!

  • Transfer Credits
  • Transfer Credits

    Southwest Tech recognizes that students come to college with experiences from other institutions that are equal to the learning in the classroom.

    As part of the admission process, the student provides official transcripts from post-secondary accredited institutions to Student Services. The transcripts are reviewed and approved by the Advisor. The grade for the course must be a “C“ (2.0) or better and count toward completion of the program in order to transfer the credit.

    • Due to some program requirements, there may be a time limitation for transferring core credits. Check with the program instructor for clarification.
    • Program specific courses may be sent to the appropriate instructor or division dean for review and approval.
    • Transferred credits are not figured into GPA.
    • Southwest Tech credits are expressed in semester hours. When transferring credit that utilize another form of academic credit (quarter hours/trimester), the credits may not transfer seamlessly.
    • Request a transfer credit evaluation
    • Transfer of Credits Policy
      If you are unable to access documents here, please contact Student Services (, 608.822.2354)
  • Advanced Standing
  • Advanced Standing Credits

    An agreement exists between the high school and Southwest Tech to award credits to students who successfully completed the course in the high school with a grade of “B” (3.0) or better and a teacher’s recommendation. A certificate is issued to the student. The certificate is imaged to the student’s Southwest Tech record. The advisor will submit the advanced standing form to have credits awarded. The student has up to 27 months after graduation to use the credits. Advanced standing credit may be accepted by other technical colleges offering the same or a similar course. Credits may only be awarded for the course specified in the agreement or with approval of the dean.

  • Transcripted Credits
  • Transcripted Credits

    When an agreement exists between the high school and Southwest Tech to award credits to students who successfully completed the course in the high school, the course will appear on the Southwest Tech transcript with the grade awarded by the high school instructor.

  • Appeals Process
  • The student will have the opportunity to appeal the decision. The steps for appealing are:

    1. The student submits a Credit for Prior Learning Appeal form to the division dean within 1 week of receiving the decision. This request must include the basis for why the student disagrees with the decision and relevant evidence.
    2. The vice president of academic affairs or designee will review the appeal and may request to meet with the student to gain further information.
    3. The division dean will make a final decision after full consideration of the information. Within two weeks of receiving the student’s appeal, the vice president of academic affairs will communicate the final decision regarding the request to the student, the instructor and Student Services.
    4. The decision of the dean is final. No additional review will be allowed.
  • Prior Learning
  • Credit for Prior Learning

    Credit for prior learning gives students at Southwest Tech the opportunity to earn credit for college-level learning that was acquired outside of the classroom. There are six different ways to earn credit.

    1. Transfer Credits - Credits earned at another accredited institution may transfer if related to the program of study and have a grade of "C" or better. Transfer credits also include advanced standing and transcripted credits completed in high school.
    2. Challenge Exam - A challenge exam is developed by Southwest Tech faculty and allows the student to demonstrate that he/she can meet the competencies of the course. Depending on the course, a test may be a standard test or a demonstration test.
    3. Military Experience - – Credits may be awarded based on the training taken during military service and/or based on the position held in the military. Southwest Tech uses ACE (American Council on Education) recommendations for military credits.
    4. National Tests - Southwest Tech is a CLEP testing center and accepts several CLEP tests for credits. Other national tests are also accepted including Advanced Placement (AP), DSST (DANTES), and Excelsior as examples.
    5. Industry Recognized Certificate Crosswalks - Employers may offer training in the workplace that leads to an industry recognized certificate. Southwest Tech will recognize certificates that relate to the program courses and meet the competencies of the course.
    6. Portfolios - A portfolio is a detailed documentation illustrating what you have learned and how it relates to a Southwest Tech course.

    For more information and how to earn credit for prior learning, visit