Southwest Wisconsin Technical College has been a part of the life in Southwest Wisconsin for more than half a century. We have influenced, and been influenced by the many communities, people, private and public entities, and organizations that make up, and stretch beyond our district area. We use the following Mission, Vision, Purposes, and Values to guide the education and employment we provide to the people we serve.

With these statements in mind, the college has come up with our 2023-2026 Strategic Directions . The Strategic Directions and Smart Goals identified within, are used by our Councils and Workgroups when identifying and working on projects. Each goal is kept top of mind in our work, and movement in the directions outlined are used as proof of the scale of success of each project.

College Mission

Southwest Wisconsin Technical College provides education and training opportunities responsive to students, employers, and communities.

College Vision

Southwest Wisconsin Technical College will be a preferred provider of education, source of talent, and place of employment in the region. We at the College change lives by providing opportunities for success.

College Purposes

  1. Provide apprenticeship, certificate, technical diploma, and associate degree programs that respond to District workforce needs and prepare students for family-sustaining jobs and career advancement.
  2. Provide customized training, retraining, and technical assistance to businesses, industries, and individuals that foster economic development and the expansion of employment opportunities.
  3. Collaborate with schools to provide K-12 students opportunities to explore college and career options as well as to enhance their preparation for postsecondary education and employment.
  4. Provide career pathways and collegiate transfer programs that enable graduates to continue their education.
  5. Provide continuing education opportunities to enhance the occupational knowledge and skills of District workers and residents.
  6. Provide Adult Education, GED/HSED, bridge, and other programs that help unskilled or low-skilled individuals prepare for work, postsecondary education, or career advancement.
  7. Provide education and services which address barriers created by stereotyping and discriminating and assist minorities, women and the handicapped or disadvantaged to participate in the work force and the full range of technical college programs and activities.
  8. Provide community services and avocational or self-enrichment activities.

College Values

  • Inclusivity. We provide a welcoming environment that promotes respect for all members of the college community. We commit to learning about our differences and commonalities to better appreciate the value of each person. We empower the college community to cultivate connections and defend the dignity and humanity of all.  We expect all members of our college community to live our Charger Respect Pledge.
  • Learning. We work together to make high-quality, affordable education accessible to our diverse population. We help students develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to contribute to an inclusive workforce and community success. Through partnerships, we seek opportunities to improve lives.
  • Integrity. We promote a cohesive culture that is based on honesty, professionalism, trust, kindness, and respect. We work collaboratively to maintain a healthy environment of clear communication, transparency, and dedication to the mission of Southwest Tech.
  • Accountability. We hold ourselves and our teams responsible for achieving academic and fiscal College goals as established by the District Board. We practice self-awareness and hold each other accountable to recognize and confront biases that impact our thinking, behavior, and performance to realize positive and equitable results.
  • Continuous Improvement. We leverage our rural perspective and progressive entrepreneurial spirit to attract people who strive for excellence in student success through innovation in technology, services, and strategies.  We support and promote personal and professional development to exceed industry standards and produce competent and skilled graduates in high-quality, relevant programs essential to our sustainability as a college.

Non-Discrimination Policies

Southwest Tech does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities. The Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Officer has been designated to handle inquiries regarding non-discrimination policies. Call 800.362.3322, Ext. 2315 (TDD: 608-822-2072) or write Southwest Tech, 1800 Bronson Blvd., Fennimore, WI 53809.

View our Equal Opportunity Statement .