Southwest Tech’s mission, vision, purposes, and values are expressed in and supported by its stated policies. College policies protect the integrity of the college’s mission, reputation and operations, and support the management of major institutional risks. They inform our community and third parties about the major risks the college seeks to address and communicate risk tolerance in key areas. They also promote compliance with laws and regulations.

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Institution Policies


Policies related to teaching and outreach.

Ethics, Legal & Compliance

Policies concerning appropriate conduct and/or compliance with the law.

Facilities, Equipment & Property

Policies concerning use and care of college property.


Policies related to accounting, budgeting, procurement, travel, and other financial functions.


Policies that provide the framework for administration to implement and comply with the intent of the Board of Trustees.

Information Technology

Policies that cover systems, access, data, and related issues.


Policies of a general administrative or operational nature.

Public Safety and Environmental Health & Safety

Policies concerning security and safety of faculty, staff, students, and the public.


Policies applicable to students.


Policies promoting development and growth without significant deterioration of the environment and depletion of natural resources.

Related Procedures

Other Information