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    Advising Services

    If you need assistance choosing a program, need to make sure you've met the admission requirements, need general assistance, or have transfer questions, our advising services can provide the support you need!

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    Looking forward to graduation is an exciting time! As you get closer to your gradation day, make sure you have everything covered. Here you can check out requirements and how to prepare for graduation.

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    All set for the upcoming semester? Make sure you check out the registration page to ensure you're prepared for the new semester.

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    Preferred Name

    We all have our own preferences, and that includes our name. If you have a name you're preferential to, check out our preferred name request. This will help you to ensure that the name you want is the name you've got. If you have any questions, check out the FAQ section for more information.

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    Career Services

    Looking for a job? Do you need help getting prepared for that big interview, updating your resume, writing a cover letter, or anything else job related? Check out our career services section for more assistance as you move towards that next step!

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    Charger Tech 360

    Charley's is the hub of everything that is Student Life on campus. You can find a student organization to join, find new and exciting activities to attend or just meet up with friends to study, watch tv, or play one of the many game options available!

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    For those students who previously served in the armed forces, we proudly serve you. If you are a military veteran, you can find helpful information here to help you navigate being a student with your veteran status.

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    Counseling Services

    Do you need someone to talk to or need guidance through counseling? We offer on campus counseling services provided by Robin Hamel, as well as telehealth counseling through BetterMynd. Your mental health is important, and we're here to help.

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    Legal Services

    Are you traversing through legal terrain and need help? Southwest Tech's Lawyers for Learners can provide the assistance you need. We also offer legal clinics for further information you may need.

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    Whether you need to pick up your text books, need a new notebook and some pens, or you want to show off your school pride with SWTC Charger apparel, the bookstore has you covered! Visit in person, or click 'Learn More' to check out the online store.

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    Katie's Cupboard

    We understand that life happens, and everyone needs food, so if you need assistance with food, check out Katie's Cupboard. Click 'Learn More' to check out the FAQ about the Cupboard!

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    Child Care Center

    If you are a student, new faculty or staff member, or someone from the community and you need child care assistance, the SWTC Child Care Center may be able to provide that assistance that you need.

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    Dining Services

    When you need something to stop that rumbling belly or to quench your thirst, where better to stop by than the SWTC Cafe? Walk in and see what we have, or order ahead online.

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    Information Technology Services

    Our Information Technology Services are here to assist you with your technology needs. If you need help with software on your student laptop, or if there is something that isn't working properly, visit ITS in the Knox, or click 'Learn More' to check out the ITS Knowledge Base.

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    Is your hair getting too long for your liking? Have some split ends you want taken care of? Do you just need a little bit of salon time in your life? Check out Creative Elements Salon! Call ahead to make an appointment.

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    Safety is one of our top priorities, especially when it comes to our staff and students. If you have a concern or an incident to report, you can find the applicable forms here.

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    Testing Center

    The SWTC Testing Center provides services for those new incoming students, or for current students, as well as members from the community. If you need help with testing, need to set up a test, or anything else test related, we are here to help.