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Dairy Goat Herd Management Certificate

Dairy Goat Herd Management


Certificate Information

The Southwest Tech Dairy Goat Herd Management Certificate is a non-degree certificate that includes the following components:

  • 11 online courses
  • A two-day annual Dairy Goat Academy providing hands-on training
  • 48-hour mentorship program

An experienced producer or novice goat farmer can enroll in the certificate to fine tune their farm management skills and gain the knowledge to support a full-time commercial dairy goat operation. A student may choose to take just one course or the whole certificate. The courses average 5 hours in length and can be taken anywhere! The student will gain skills needed to begin, maintain, manage, and profit from a commercial dairy goat operation. The program includes presentations from speakers of expertise offering their knowledge and experiences in the commercial goat industry.

  • Speakers of Expertise offering advice and knowledge
  • Courses completely online
  • Hands on academy and mentorship program

Earn a non-degree certificate in dairy goat herd management to develop your management skills to own and operate a dairy goat operation.

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2020 Dairy Goat Herd Academy

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Mentorship Program

Certificate Sponsors

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please contact the Southwest Tech Foundation at or 608.822.2362.

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