Strengthen your customer service, reduce your costs, and improve your processes

Lean is a business strategy based on satisfying the customer by delivering quality products and services that are just what the customer needs, when the customer needs them, in the amount required, at the right price, while using the minimum of materials, equipment, space, labor, and time. As a continuous improvement model Lean focuses on the reduction of non-valued added activities (waste) in product/service delivery processes.

Although Lean has its roots firmly in manufacturing, the principles and practices have been effectively implemented in:

  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Service Industries

Lean Results

Applying the principles and practices of Lean produces tangible results. Here are actual results that Southwest Tech partners were able to realize:

  • 3.7% reduction in Cost of Manufacturing ($432,000 savings).
  • 40% increase in mammography procedures with a 41% decrease in overtime hours.
  • $71,000 reduction in supplies and utility costs.
  • 7% reduction in paper cost (including paper, copying, and disposal).
  • Climate survey resulted in increase from 29% to 40% “highly satisfied” and decrease from 38% to 23% “highly dissatisfied.”
  • Point of use storage project resulted in $35,000 annual savings.
  • $15,000 annual customer savings simply by moving location of materials closer to the production line.

Lean Certificates

Lean-White Belt: 8 hours of online content

  • Principles of Lean
  • Lean Culture
  • 5S/Visual Workplace

Cost: $125

Upcoming Training

Coming Soon

Lean-Yellow Belt: 12 hours of online content

(Prerequisite: Lean-White Belt)

  • Value Stream Mapping/Process Mapping
  • Quality Problem Solving/Team Dynamics
  • Kaizen Principles and Practices/Implementing Improvements

Cost: $225

Upcoming Training

Coming Soon

Participants initiate improvement projects early in the training and utilize what is learned in the workshop to improve their processes resulting in real, tangible results. Each of the topics in the Lean Certificates can also become a customized course if desired.

Also Available:

Principles of Lean Overview

Designed to introduce Lean concepts and terminology to the entire workforce early in the Lean journey.

Lean Facilitator

Designed to develop team facilitator expertise to provide ongoing support to improvement teams as Lean Enterprise matures.