Permanent semester grades are used to compute grade point average (GPA). A cumulative GPA includes all credits completed at Southwest Tech.

Students may view their grades electronically on MySWTC.

To calculate a semester GPA, first multiply the credit value of a course by the point value of the grade earned. The total number of points earned for the semester is then divided by the total number of credits taken in that semester.

Example: A student completes four courses in a semester. The GPA is 3.42 (41 divided by 12).


A student who has not dropped a course and has never attended a course is not automatically dropped. A student who has never attended and/or stops attending a course without officially withdrawing from the course will receive an “F” in the course at the end of the grading period.

Credit Loads

Students may carry up to 20 credits per semester without written approval from their division dean. A minimum of 12 degree credits is required to be a full-time student.

Dean's List

The Dean's List is made up of students enrolled in associate degree and technical diploma programs who have completed 12 or more credits during the semester and earned a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher for the semester (non-cumulative). Honors are not awarded to students who have an “I,” “IP,” or “F” grade on their semester transcript

Dean's List (By Name)

Dean's List (By Program)

Dean's List (By Community)


Students may receive periodic progress reports; however, midterm evaluations are informational only. Semester grades are entered on a student’s permanent record and used to compute grade point average. Students may review grades electronically on MySWTC.

Academic Probation & Denial Policy

Program students who do not achieve a minimum term GPA of 2.0 are placed on academic probation for the following term and are counseled to enroll in college prep courses, take a reduced load, or change programs. Students on probation who do not attain a term GPA of 2.0 by the end of their probationary term will be placed on Academic Denial and dropped from their program and courses. Courses prior to 2002 will not be used towards academic probation and denial.

Grade Change Procedures

Questions about a course grade that appear in a final grade report should immediately be brought to the attention of the instructor. Grade dispute procedures can be found in this handbook under the Academic Code of Conduct.

Grade Reports & Grade Point Average

Students are able to review their grades and GPA electronically on their MySWTC. Final semester grades are used to calculate grade point average (GPA) each term. A cumulative GPA includes all credits completed at Southwest Tech (including high school transcripted credit).