always striving to improve

Southwest Tech is continually re-evaluating processes to better serve our student population and the community. Utilizing our College Mission and Vision, the college (see below) has established Health Indicators and Measures aligned to Strategic Priorities to focus the work tasked to our three Councils. The graphic here shows the relation of Councils to the priorities and measures tasked to them.

Table of Health Indicators, Measures and Strategic Priorities

If you are unable to access documents here, please contact the President's Office (, 608.822.2300)

Southwest Tech Teams:

  • Executive Team - Provides direction and input to manage and advise teams as needed.
  • College Effectiveness - Monitors and controls data to be used in decision making.
  • Leadership Team - Updates their departments on current college activities.
  • Steering Councils - Manages projects to support the college indicators.

Note: Southwest Tech has an electronic suggestion drop box as well as a physical box (located in the hall at the south end of cafeteria) that allows College employees and students to anonymously submit suggestions to be addressed by the appropriate team.