Congratulations Graduates!

Graduation is a time to celebrate accomplishments, share successes, and start a new chapter in your life! See below for graduation requirements, how to prepare for graduation and ceremony details/instructions. Reminder: You must fill out your Program Completion Application on your MySWTC in order to receive your diploma, even if you are not participating in the ceremony.

May Commencement Information

Change of Date!

The Date of the Virtual Graduation Celebration has changed to: May 23
Details available at the Graduation Event page.

To celebrate our students, the graduation committee presents this option for spring graduates.

Graduates can participate in the formal Winter Commencement ceremony on Friday, December 11, 2020.

As more details become available, the college will update the plans on this webpage.

If you have questions, please email

If you are unable to access documents here, please contact Student Services (, 608.822.2354)
  • Graduation Requirements
    • In order to receive your diploma, whether or not you are participating in the graduation ceremony, you must fill out your Program Completion Application on your MySWTC.
    • You are required to meet certain criteria in order to earn a degree, diploma or certificate from Southwest Tech. You must have:
      • Fulfilled at least 25 percent of your program requirements while enrolled at Southwest Tech.
      • Preformed to an acceptable level by maintaining a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above. Some programs have a higher standard, requiring students to earn no lower than a "C" grade in every course.
      • Met all financial obligations including childcare bills, library charges, Payments/Billing Office bills (tuition), bookstore charges, and part charges. Failure to meet these obligations will put a hold on your transcript and diploma.
    • High Honor Status
      • A graduate who completes all the required courses in his/her associate degree or technical diploma program and achieves a program cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above will graduate with high honor status. The program cumulative GPA for the term prior to graduation will be used to determine high honors. Participation in the graduation ceremony is required to receive a high honor cord, which the recipient may keep. The student will receive gold cords to be worn during the commencement program. Cumulative GPA is not rounded in determining eligibility for high honors. For example, a 3.49 GPA is not rounded to 3.5. Students that do not have prior term grades and/or students enrolled in one semester programs are not eligible for commencement ceremony high honor status. Southwest Tech transcripts prior to the 2002 year will not be calculated into program cumulative GPA in determining commencement ceremony high honor status.
  • Preparation for Graduation
  • Caps/Gowns, Hoods and Stoles:

    • Caps, gowns, Veteran’s cords, and tassels will be available in Student Services beginning the Monday before Graduation. We will send an email if they are available for early distribution. Note: Do not decorate your graduation cap or gown.
    • If you are interested in ordering announcements, cards, or class rings, please check out Jostens for a variety of options.
    • Associate Degree hoods, Honor Cords, and Phi Theta Kappa stoles are provided for no additional cost and will be handed out the day of the ceremony.
    • If you would like to purchase a Phi Theta Kappa stole, you may go to the Phi Theta Kappa Online Store or call 800.946.9996.
    • Download and print your own Fall 2019 Graduation Celebration Invitation.


    Each graduate is photographed as they receive their diploma and a solo portrait is also taken after they exit the stage. Photos will be posted to Southwest Tech’s Facebook page.

  • Graduation Day
  • Instructions for Spring Graduates

    • Meet in the hallway between lounge and back entrance where your instructor and advisor will review graduation ceremony procedures. They will distribute name cards, honor and/or veteran cords, Associate Degree hoods, Phi Theta Kappa stoles, and line up for the ceremony.
      • Associate degree hoods and Phi Theta Kappa Stoles must be returned to the Student Services Reception desk or Room 1709 in order to avoid a $25 charge.
      • Name Cards – Each student will receive a card with his/her name, program, and high honor designation (as earned) printed on the card, which you will hand to the announcer as you cross the stage.
    • You will receive an empty diploma cover; diplomas will be mailed to you.
  • After Graduation
    • Access your grades on your MySWTC account. Grades should be available to you one to two weeks after the semester ends.
    • Your diploma will be mailed to the address listed on your Program Completion Application within 4-6 weeks of graduation.
    • Dean’s List- The Dean's List is made up of students enrolled in associate degree and technical diploma programs who have completed 12 or more credits during the semester and earned a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher for the semester (non-cumulative). Honors are not awarded to students who have an “I,” “IP,” or “F” grade on their semester transcript
    • Each graduate is photographed as they receive their diploma and a solo portrait is also taken after they exit the stage. Photos will be posted to Southwest Tech’s Facebook page.
    • Please stay in touch with Southwest Tech!
      • Like us on Facebook to see graduation photos and videos!
      • Find out about alumni events by staying connected. Please email your current information and success stories to
      • Remember that Career Connections is here for students and alumni to assist with all of your job searching needs (resumes, cover letters, interview skills and job searching).
  • Job Out Option
  • Students who have secured employment related to their program may "job out" with instructor approval. This allows these students to be employed while concurrently completing course requirements. Requests are evaluated case by case, and the following guidelines must be observed:

    • All pertinent forms and course completion requirements must be finalized between student and instructor, who may request confirmation of an employment offer with the employer.
    • Students are excused from class attendance but not from completing class assignments.
    • Jobbing out cannot occur until the last four weeks before graduation.
    • Complete the following Job Out Form