The Farm Business & Production Management Program helps farm families reach their goals! This program gives current farm owners/operators opportunities to develop and fine tune their skills with production agriculture. Knowledge presented and skills demonstrated are provided through classroom settings, workshops and seminars, speakers of expertise, farm and business tours, and individual on-farm instruction.

Helping Farm Families Reach Their Goals

  • Overview
  • Individuals enrolled in these adult farm management classes include active farm producers, FSA beginning farm loan borrowers, farm managers, landowners, lenders, anyone wishing to become more knowledgeable about production agriculture!

    Overall program outcomes include:

    • Utilize agronomic resources for optimal farm production.
    • Evaluate livestock management plans.
    • Plan for operation and maintenance of farm facilities and equipment.
    • Create farm business plans.
    • Apply marketing principles to agricultural enterprises.

    These courses are not eligible for financial aid.

  • Beginning Farm Management
  • Beginning Farm Management is a year-long class that will focus on the beginning concepts of production agriculture in the areas of:

    • Business Planning
    • Risk Management
    • Recordkeeping & financial statements
    • Lending opportunities
    • Production Management
    • Agricultural Technologies
    • Mentorship and Networking opportunities

    Individuals will be able to implement financial record programs, evaluate sources of credit, develop a business plan and construct financial statements necessary for whole farm analysis.

    Individuals that should consider enrolling in this course are:

    • High school graduates going back to the farm
    • Current college students considering managing or owning a farm
    • FSA beginning farm loan borrowers
    • Individuals who recently bought land and are exploring farm enterprise options
    • Any individual interested in exploring beginning management of a farm business

    Class is held once a month in the evening from Septermber through June.

    Individual farm assistance is available as part of enrolling in this course. Our instructor will meet with you individually to assist in activities like setting up a recordkeeping system, developing financial statements such as a balance sheet and cash flow plan, or constructing a business and marketing plan. Four (4) hours of individual assistance are available and setup by appointment with the instructor.

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  • Advanced Farm Management
  • Production agriculture is an evolving career that encourages the need for continued education to increase farm profitability and sustainability. It is critical for farm owners and managers to assess their own farm business operations on an annual basis to determine strengths and opportunities that lead to success.

    Courses offered in the advanced farm management track will revolve around three main areas: livestock, financial, and crop management. Courses in all three areas will be offered in one year, however, with a different emphasis. Farm producers will be able to learn the latest research, technology, and management tools that will aid in making every day management decisions.

    Current course offerings include:

    Class locations are offered throughout the Southwest Tech district. Current class sites are:

    Classes are offered in the evenings between the months of November and March to accommodate farm producers and their farming schedules.

    Individual farm assistance is available as part of enrolling in these courses. Our instructors will meet with you individually to assist in activities that require more specific attention to your farm's needs. Individual assistance is set-up by appointment with the instructor.

  • Value-Added Courses
  • Throughout the year, our instructors will offer short training courses that are focused on specific topics that address current demands of the farming community. Current offerings are:

    Courses are offered at Darlington and Richland Center Outreach sites.

    Producers enrolled in the Nutrient Management Planning and Nutrient Management Planning (Update) courses:

    • Will be eligible for tuition reimbursement and financial assistance with soil sampling upon completion of their 590 Nutrient Management Plan. Please contact an instructor to learn more.
    • Current soil samples within the last four years are required to complete a current 590 plan.
    • Upon successful completion of the Nutrient Management Planning course (#47090-413-LAB) and writing a 590 Nutrient Management Plan, a student will be able to sign off on their own 590 plan as outlined in the WI NRCS 590 Standard.
  • Individual Assistance
  • Instructors are on staff to assist farm producers on an individual need basis. Consider calling an instructor today to learn more about how we can assist you in the areas of:

    • Financial Analysis
    • Business Planning
    • Loan Application Planning
    • Feasibility Study/Cash Flow
    • Farm Succesion Planning
    • Crop Management Analysis
    • Livestock Management Analysis
    • Nutrient Management Planning Update
    • Computer Software Training
    • Market Plan Development

    Please contact one of the FBPM instructors when registering.

  • Resources
  • FBPM Course Financial Assistance Opportunities

    To learn about FBPM Scholarships available, please contact a program instructor.

    The following links are helpful general resources related to FPBM:

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