The 100% online Leadership Development degree program is designed to meet the needs of working adults. The program provides leadership development training and education for individuals currently employed in supervisory positions or those who wish to prepare themselves for such a position.

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  • Earn prior learning credit for documented work experience.
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  • Overview
  • Is This Program for You?

    Are you currently employed, with an interest in moving into a leadership position? Do you enjoy coaching and working with people, both individually and in teams? Do you possess good communication skills and enjoy problem solving? Leadership Development may be a great fit for you. The online Leadership Development program is designed specifically to meet the industry demand for trained leaders in all types of organizations. The program content provides training and education for individuals presently employed in leadership positions or those aspiring to move into a leadership position.

    Career/Job Titles for someone with leadership training include supervisor, manager, production manager, human resources manager.

    Students entering the Leadership Development program should:

    • Enjoy coaching and working with people both individually and in teams
    • Possess good communication skills
    • Enjoy solving problems

    Career/Job Titles for someone with leadership training include supervisor, manager, production manager, human resources manager.

    Students entering the Leadership Development program should:

    • Enjoy coaching and working with people both individually and in teams
    • Possess good communication skills
    • Enjoy solving problems

    Program Basics

    The online Leadership Development program is designed specifically for individuals who work full-time with a minimum amount of discretionary time available to pursue educational goals. This allows you to learn at a faster pace to earn your degree faster.

    • Associate degree, requiring a minimum of two years to complete.
    • Students select the number of courses to complete within that timeframe.
    • Courses rotate on a set schedule so students know when a course will be offered.
    • The student becomes an active partner with the instructor and other learners in a collaborative, online learning experience.
    • Concepts introduced in courses are applied in the workplace.
    • General education courses are delivered completely online in either eight, twelve or sixteen week sessions.
    • Prior learning credit is available for documented work experience.
  • Curriculum & Costs
  • Technical courses are listed below on a Fall/Spring Semester basis. However courses will be offered in eight-week rotations during the semester in which the course is listed.


    Note: Session 1 = 1st 8 weeks; Session 2 = 2nd 8 weeks.

    Semester 1 - Spring (Tuition: $1,960 Books: $200-$410)
    Course # Course Title Credits Session
    10-196-208 Personal Leadership 3 Session 1
    10-196-209 Team Building and Problem Solving 3 Session 1
    10-102-105 Introduction to Business 3 Session 2
    10-809-172 Intro to Diversity Studies 3 Session 2
    Semester 2 - Summer (Tuition: $980 Books: $230-$330)
    Course # Course Title Credits Session
    10-809-195 Economics 3
    10-196-210 Legal Issues for Supervisors 3
    Semester 3 - Fall (Tuition: $2,130 Books: $240-$320)
    Course # Course Title Credits Session
    10-196-119 Managerial Budgeting and Finance 3 Session 1
    10-196-214 Leading Strategically 3 Session 1
    10-102-130 Management Principles 3 Session 2
    10-103-106 Beginning Microsoft Excel -4 week class 1 Session 2
    10-196-211 Workplace Innovations 3 Session 2
    Semester 4 - Spring (Tuition: $1,960 Books: $330-$470)
    Course # Course Title Credits Session
    10-623-110 Lean Concepts 3 Session 1
    10-801-196 Oral/Interpersonal Communication 3 Session 1
    10-102-129 Human Resources Management 3 Session 2
    10-804-123 Math w/ Business Apps 3 Session 2
    Semester 5 - Summer (Tuition: $980 Books: $110-$180)
    Course # Course Title Credits Session
    10-196-213 Workplace Safety 3
    10-801-195 Written Communication 3
    Semester 6 - Fall (Tuition: $1,800)
    Course # Course Title Credits Session
    10-196-212 Training and Talent Development 3 Session 1
    10-196-215 Project Management Fundamentals 3 Session 1
    10-196-216 Leading Change 3 Session 2
    10-196-217 Leadership Develpment Career Experience 2 Session 2
    Total Credits: 60
    Estimated Total Tuition*: $9,810

    * These costs reflect the in-state rates

    Cost of Attendance (COA) 24-25

    Cost of Attendance (COA) is a total of all the usual expenses of being a student. The COA sets the maximum amount of financial aid a student can receive.

    Category Amount
    Tuition and Fees $4,820
    Living Expenses (Housing and Food) $9,148
    Books and Supplies $1,466
    Personal Expenses $3,608
    Transportation $4,018
    Charger Tech 360 Fee $600
    Loan Fees $84
    Yearly Total (Living Away from Home) $23,744
    1 Semester Total (Living Away from Home) $11,872

    Based on Wisconsin Residents.

    Approximate school costs are for a full-time (12 credit) student over a semester span of 17 weeks.

    Fees are legislated by the Wisconsin Technical College System Board.

    These costs are estimates and are subject to change without notice.

  • Requirements
  • Admission and Program Requirements

    • Submit Application
    • To make sure your classes are the right fit, we consider any previous college credit you've earned, Accuplacer or ACT scores, high school GPA, or an assessment at your registration session. Submit High School Transcripts, College Transcripts, and Test Scores to: Southwest Tech, Attn: Admissions, 1800 Bronson Blvd, Fennimore, WI 53809
    • Admissions Meeting: Schedule by clicking "Make an appointment" in the Advisor block on this page or by calling Admissions 608.822.2354.
    • Submit High School Transcripts, College Transcripts, and Test Scores to: Southwest Tech (email admissions@swtc.edu, or mail to Attn: Admissions, 1800 Bronson Blvd, Fennimore, WI 53809)

    Requirements for Online Students

    Chromebooks are not compatible with some testing features within Schoology (our Learning Management System). Southwest Tech recommends not to use Chromebooks for classes.

    • Cable/broadband/DSL internet with a minimum speed of 1.5Mbps. You can test your local internet speed at www.speedtest.net. Run this test from the location you will be working from.

      Higher bandwidth and speed will greatly assist you in your online learning environment, so where possible, a faster internet speed is recommended. Cable internet tend to be faster than DSL or 4G wireless, although DSL or 4G wireless may also work depending on other factors. Your computer, other software (such as anti spyware), other users on the system, and system configurations can all influence your ultimate line speed. Many instructors use videos as a part of their instruction, as well as synchronous meeting times (Skype, Adobe Connect, etc). Having an acceptable internet connection speed will be important to your success.

    • Convenient access to a computer that has one of the following current versions of Internet Browsers:
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer
      • Mozilla Firefox
      • Google Chrome
      • Safari
      Call 608.822.2302 for verification of other browsers.
    • An active e-mail account (all Southwest Tech students are issued a free email account)
    • Word processing software (Microsoft Word is the recommended word processing software at Southwest Wisconsin Technical College). Free Microsoft Office software is available to all Southwest Tech students at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/education/products/office
    • Availability of 10-15 hours per week for each 3-credit course
    • Self-motivation and self-discipline

    Helpful Academic Background

    • English/Communications
    • Business Education
    • Social Studies
    • Technical Education

    Program Fees

    • This program is eligible for Financial Aid.
    • Estimated cost for each semester can be found under the Curriculum tab. Please note that costs are approximate and are based on the current academic year.
    • Please discuss additional fee questions with the program advisor or instructor.
  • Outcomes
  • Program Outcomes

    At the completion of the program, students are expected to be able to:

    1. Utilize quality strategies and tactics
      • Explain the function of data in quality
      • Identify internal and external stakeholder needs
      • Manage a quality project
      • Apply quality tools
    2. Apply effective leadership skills
      • Demonstrate coaching skills
      • Develop effective teams
      • Apply motivation strategies
      • Assess situational needs
      • Describe characteristics and traits of effective leaders
      • Demonstrate self-management skills including time and stress management
    3. Apply Human Resource policies and procedures
      • Write a job description and job specifications
      • Create a targeted recruitment plan
      • Identify selection criteria
      • Design a training plan
      • Apply a performance appraisal plan
      • Explain the importance of conformance with applicable employment laws
    4. Perform leadership development functions to achieve organizational objectives
      • Develop a plan to facilitate change
      • Identify staffing needs
      • Establish action steps to meet goals and objectives
      • Utilize the control function to monitor performance
      • Recognize and promote a safe workplace
      • Select and apply appropriate means of communication to communicate effectively within an organization
  • Career Opportunities
  • Southwest Tech's Career Connections Center offers Services to assist students looking for job placement.

  • Transfers
  • Prior Learning
  • Credit for Prior Learning

    Experience Pays! You've Been There... You've Done That... Let's See If You Can Get Credit For It!

    Credit for prior learning gives you opportunities to earn credit for college-level knowledge that you have already acquired. This may be the result of work or volunteer experiences, certifications, apprenticeships, military training, extensive self-instruction, or professional development. Credit for Prior Learning affords you the opportunity to accelerate the completion of your educational goals.

    For more information on Credit for Prior Learning see our Credit for Prior Learning page.

    At any time, you may Request Credit for Prior Learning.

    Leadership Development Courses that may have Credit for Prior Learning options:

    Course # Course Title
    Challenge Exam
    Challenge Exam
    10-102-105Introduction to BusinessYes
    10-102-129Human Resources ManagementYes
    PHR (Professional in Human Resources), SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources)
    10-102-130Management PrinciplesYes
    CLEP Test - Principles of Management
    10-103-106Beginning Microsoft ExcelYes
    Any Microsoft MOUS certification (even an old certification) will also be considered for CPL
    10-623-110Lean ConceptsYes
    Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification – Requires approval of course instructor
    10-801-136English Composition 1Yes
    CLEP Test - College Composition
    10-801-196Oral/Interpersonal CommunicationYes
    10-804-123Math with Business ApplicationsYes
    10-809-172Introduction to Diversity StudiesYes
    CLEP Test - Principles of Macroeconomics