Returning Charger Tech 360 Equipment to Campus

Prior to Shipping your device back to the college

Save information to OneDrive!
Upon its return Information Technology Services (ITS) will wipe the device clean. All files on the device will be deleted permanently. Please refer to the Start Guide.

Returning Equipment

Schedule an appointment with the Charger Technology Support Center to return your laptop. Please do not have a friend or family member return your laptop for you because we need you to sign off, authenticating that you have returned the laptop to the College. As part of our continuous improvement efforts to provide a better experience for students returning laptops, we are looking to expand the return hours outside of the regular business hours of 7:30 – 4:30 p.m. Please look for extended hours shortly.

There may be a $50.00 fee for excessive wear and tear; please take some time to clean up your laptop before returning the device. Also, please refer to the What is the Cost section of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) webpage.
Also, please remember to return the power cord with the laptop.

Schedule a Return

November 27 - December 22, By Appointment

  1. Go to the Charger Tech 360 Support Center page.
  2. On the Bookings page, select "ON CAMPUS - Return Laptop"
  3. Select a date and time for your appointment

At Your Return Appointment

What you need to know when returning equipment on campus.

  • Location: Room 314A in the Knox Learning Center
  • Appointment duration: approximately 10 minutes
    Charger Technology Support Center staff will assist with the return and inspect the hardware.
  • You must sign Laptop Return Form in-person
    Once you sign the form, the return process will be complete.