The welding program trains students in manual, semiautomatic, and robotic welding processes used in a variety of fabrication and construction industries. Students develop skill proficiency through practice in over 19 welding processes, in all positions, and with a variety of metals. In addition, welding students learn to identify base and filler materials and their properties, operate equipment properly, practice correct procedures, test for strength and appearance, work safely and productively, be responsible for quality control, read blueprints for necessary information, measure and use math, and practice good interpersonal relations.

Earn your Welding Diploma with a program that fits into your schedule! Starting January 2019, Southwest Tech will be offering welding classes from 5PM-10PM on Monday-Thursdays. Or, attend class during the daytime, 4-days per week. Whatever works for you!

The Welding curriculum was developed in part through a Department of Labor TAACCCT Grant. This is an equal opportunity program. Veterans and TAA eligible populations are encouraged to participate.

Accreditation Status

The Southwest Tech Welding program is accredited by the American Welding Society, 8669 NW 36 Street, #130, Miami, Florida 33166. 305-443-9353 / 800-443-9353 (voice) 305-443-7559 (Fax).