The curriculum offers the opportunity to manage, create, and produce crops by using correct agronomy principles and techniques. The student will obtain skills in crop protection, soil science, pest control, precision ag, and sustainable agriculture. This program also emphasizes in sales/service of ag materials and maintenance of agriculture equipment.

  • Overview
  • Is This Program for You?

    Do you enjoy business and agriculture? Do you work well independently, as well as in a team setting? Are you a problem solver, analytical thinker, and a strong communicator? If so, the Agribusiness Science & Technology - Agronomy program may be a great fit for you.

    Students entering the Agribusiness, Science & Technology - Agronomy program should:

    • Have a strong attention to detail.
    • Enjoy working with people.
    • Be willing to try new and innovative ideas.
    • Have a good understanding of agriculture.
    • Enjoy science and mathematics.

    Program Basics

    • Associate degree - requiring a minimum of two years to complete
    • Classes are offered daytime, face to face, and on campus
    • Fall or Spring Start
    • Financial aid eligible
    • Credit for prior learning may be available
    • High school articulation courses accepted

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  • Curriculum & Costs
  • Requirements
  • Admission and Program Requirements

    • Submit Application and $30 Application Fee
    • To make sure your classes are the right fit, we consider any previous college credit you've earned, Accuplacer or ACT scores, high school GPA, or an assessment at your registration session. Submit High School Transcripts, College Transcripts, and Test Scores to: Southwest Tech, Attn: Admissions, 1800 Bronson Blvd, Fennimore, WI 53809

    Helpful Academic Background

    • High school agriculture
    • Communication skills
    • Science
    • Math courses

    Program Fees

    • This program is eligible for Financial Aid.
    • Estimated cost for each semester can be found under the Curriculum tab. Please note that costs are approximate and are based on the current academic year.
    • Please discuss additional fee questions with the program advisor or instructor.

    Additional requirements

    Students must have eye wear protection (safety glasses with side shields or wrap around safety glasses over prescription glasses) and must meet OSHA Z87.1 or greater while they are conducting operations that are deemed hazardous in nature. These glasses can be purchased at the College Bookstore.

  • Outcomes
  • Program Outcomes

    At the completion of this program, students are expected to be able to:

    • Analyze opportunities in agriculture.
    • Apply relevant technologies.
    • Demonstrate professionalism skills within the agricultural career areas.
    • Develop a management plan in agriculture.
    • Develop a crop management plan.
  • Career Opportunities
  • Graduates obtain positions in a wide variety of specialty areas, and there is a vast amount of potential for those who have mid-management or upper-management career aspirations. The demand in this field is expected to remain high for several years in such jobs as:

    • Sales Representative: Solicits and communicates with potential customers and follows up to assure customer satisfaction.
    • Service Representative: Samples and analyzes soils and feeds and recommends corrective measures.
    • Manager Trainee: Works in areas of sales, promotion, personnel, and administration.
    • Crop Specialist: Works with farmers in evaluating crops, recommending alternative practices and chemicals.

    Southwest Tech's Career Connections Center offers Services to assist students looking for job placement.

  • Transfers
  • Prior Learning
  • Credit for Prior Learning

    Experience Pays! You've Been There... You've Done That... Let's See If You Can Get Credit For It!

    Credit for prior learning gives you opportunities to earn credit for college-level knowledge that you have already acquired. This may be the result of work or volunteer experiences, certifications, apprenticeships, military training, extensive self-instruction, or professional development. Credit for Prior Learning affords you the opportunity to accelerate the completion of your educational goals.

    For more information on Credit for Prior Learning see our Credit for Prior Learning page.

    At any time, you may Request Credit for Prior Learning.

    Agribusiness Science & Technology - Agronomy Courses that may have Credit for Prior Learning options:

    Course # Course Title Challenge Exam
    Challenge Exam
    CLEP Credential Portfolio
    10-006-113Precision Ag TechnologiesYes
    10-006-114Legal Aspects of AgribusinessYes
    10-006-116Introduction to SoilsYes
    10-006-121Agribusiness Computer ApplicationsYes
    10-006-124Pesticide Applicator TrainingYes
    Pesticide Applicator
    10-006-125Crop Protection ProductsYes
    CCA Certification
    10-006-126Pest ID & Mgt/Crop ScoutingYes
    CCA Certification
    10-006-127Soil Fertility and Fertilizers Yes
    10-006-128Nutrient Management PlanningYes
    10-006-130Row Crop Production Management Yes
    10-006-131Forage Crop Production ManagementYes
    10-006-132Spatial Data Collection in Agriculture Yes
    10-006-133Agribusiness Financial ManagementYes
    If Portfolio is approved, Challenge Exam will be administered.
    10-006-135Agribusiness Sales and ServicesYes
    If Portfolio is approved, Demonstration Challenge Exam will be administered.
    10-006-160Plant ScienceYes
    10-006-163Agribusiness ManagementYes
    If Portfolio is approved, Challenge Exam will be administered.
    10-006-180Animal ScienceYes
    10-006-197Agribusiness InternshipYes
    10-070-101Field Application EquipmentYes
    10-801-195Written CommunicationYes
    College Composition CLEP test would also be accepted for credit. However, the challenge exam is the preferred method.
    10-801-196Oral/Interpersonal CommunicationYes
    10-804-107College MathematicsYes
    CLEP test - College Mathematics
    CLEP Test - Principles of Macroeconomics